LOOP BERLIN . Johannisthal

Two big residential blocks with aprox 300 residential units, 140 senior living residential units, shops, restaurants 

Segelfliegerdamm, Berlin Johannisthal (Treptow-Köpenick)
Competition Winner 2022 (WA1 + WA4)
Start of planning WA4 2023 

Work Stages 1-5


In 1908/ 09, the world’s first powered airfield went into operation in Johannisthal.

Berliners came out to Johannisthal for the air shows to watch the daredevil men in their flying boxes who performed their loopings here.

It was a spectacular place, a place of technical progress, of the dawn of a new era, of an optimistic view of the future.

We would like to transform this optimism into a sustainable design approach oriented towards climate aspects, taking into account these listed buildings .

Here at the Segelfliegerdamm a new large quarter is now being created.
On the basis of the development plan 9-15 a, individual building areas were formed according to an urban master plan. The design conceived here relates to the construction fields WA 1 and WA 4, which emerged from the competition won by Bauwert AG.

Our aim is to create an individual and distinctive sustainable residential and commercial location that meets the climate requirements of future urban quarters.

WA 1 with stores on the street side is the prelude to the entire quarter directly on Segelfliegerdamm and leads over to WA 4, which acts as a connecting link between the adjoining commercial area to the north and the modernized central existing buildings to the south-west as well as the quarter square to the southeast.