Conception of a new facade

Berlin . Charlottenburg / Hardenbergstraße / Fasanenstrasse

Planning start: September 2018

Client: R.Evolution

Work Stages


The special feature of the house H15 is the curved facade, which formulates the intersection impressively and creates a strong expansion in the streets.

These should be strengthened from our point of view. The net suspended above the façade fulfills the following requirements:

External shading

Reduction of glare effects in the workplace

Fall protection with floor to ceiling windows

Soundproofing due to traffic noise

Special feature of the new facade

Special attention on the entrance and other areas (gastro on the ground floor, conference areas …)

Significant strengthening of the basic structural figure

The mesh is suitable as a carrier of advertising material, light, etc.

Facade change in the rhythm of day and night

The facade “disappears” in the form of a dematerialized functionality