Housing project WA 3 and WA 5 each with approx. 110 apartments

Potsdam Bornstedter Field

Competition August 2018

Client R.Evolution

Work Stages 1-2


The area “Red barracks west” in Potsdam Bornstedter field distinguishes us by the combination of the historical barracks buildings with fresh and innovative architecture, introducing new uses such as living, trade and additional facilities, for example – the nursery school.

The two construction areas WA 3 and Wa 5 are the classic motif of a suburban Potsdamer quarter, with individual city villas that formulate a block structure.

The design is based on this classic block principle with different but compact and differentiated urban villa types, whose apartments share a common reference to the property-related garden and the quarter interior – the green heart of the property.

Urban living in the countryside addresses families as well as singles and couples of all ages.

If the “Red Barracks” is a listed ensemble for the past time of the military drill, the new residential area stands as a future ensemble for the modern era of interaction and civil life in Potsdam.