The reason for the concept development of multi-storey apartment blocks is the demand for living space in Berlin and Potsdam using the example of the settlement

´Zum Kahleberg /Potsdam’.

We interpret the modular extension of the buildings and their extension through the balconies and loggias as a proposal for the similar treatment of further buildings of this type in Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond, if there is an increased demand for additional living space in the individual cities.

Due to the special situation of the settlement ´Zum Kahleberg’ and its attractive location in the forest, the relatively large distances between the buildings and the increased demand for housing in Potsdam (especially in the area of smaller housing units, eg for students), this location offers a structural consolidation of the building, aiming for the least stress on the area and forest cover, while taking into account the utmost openness and permeability of the entire area.

The intention is to not fell a tree and still create valuable and much-needed living space with an improvement of the existing housing without additional impairment of the existing housing conditions.

Conceptual Idea:

For this reason, we envisage a further development of the existing buildings in modules, which can be applied as a whole to the building site as a whole, but also in parts of individual modules with different densities.

Module 1:

One- to two-floor increase to apartments and communal facilities and roof gardens as well

Module 2:

New superior vertical access systems

Module 3:

New curtained balcony layer 

The new, considerably larger balconies (Tetris) can be planted in parts.

Due to the different layout and arrangement of the superior balconies, each apartment gets its own identity so that the monotony and uniformity of similar settlements of this kind won‘t exist anymore.