Hotel I31

Hotel with 120 Rooms /Pocket Park

Invalidenstraße 31 _ Berlin – Mitte
Completion: 2013
Work STAGES: 1-8 + Project Control
Client: Allgemeine Beamten Kasse Kreditbank AG

The main idea was to create two unique buildings that integrate into the existing historical structure of the plots.

The new hotel I31 and the new office building are flanking the old post office building I30 of the 1930’s.

With the curved façades corresponding to each other, the two houses forming a higher-level frame that is emphasises by the high concrete columns underneath an overhanging roof.

The hotel is a 4 Star Hotel with 120 double bedrooms.

The inside interior of these bedrooms, the corridors and the entrance hall readopt the individual motives of the global architecture.

The entire interior (furniture, fixtures and equipment) is also designed by the architects.

In addition to the construction of the new building and the interior furnishings, we also designed the courtyard

and the arcades leading to the streetside. The existing garden was extended in the area of the new hotel and

is complemented by a large terrace, which is oriented to the west.