Holzmarktstraße 25

Hotel with 135 rooms

Competition Winner 2016

Start of Construction 2020

Client Holzmarkt GmbH

Work Stages 1-4


Gästehaus Holzmarkt

Hotel with approx. 135 rooms, spa, sky bar and restaurant as part of the ensemble HOLZMARKT /Eckwerk Holzmarktstraße 25, Berlin Friedrichshain

The inn has a secret, is exciting and mysterious.

It is different from all other accommodations; very personal, authentic and informal.

The inn is also uncomfortable and anarchistic in the urban context. It is part of the village, fun and free of conventions.

It will be ecologically built, by using sustainable haptic materials and the structural system will be intelligently operated. 

The inn welcomes everyone and has space for different manners of living. The inn is communicative, not introverted; it is oriented to satisfy a variety of lifestyles. 

About 135 hotel rooms are built on 7 floors, the exact number of which can be flexibly selected.

For example, suites and a sky bar with a fantastic view over the city and river can be set up on the top floor.

Each floor is different. By omitting individual parts, exciting new open spaces for use are created, e.g. a lounge, library or terrace.

A raised arched ground floor which is opposite the Holzmarktstraße strengthens the feeling of a secret.