The new parcour on the Oder from Frankfurt Structural flood protection for Frankfurt / Oder

City spatial development and reorganization of the waterfront promenade on 2 km in length

Client: Landesamt für Umwelt Brandenburg

Start of planning: May 2019

Work Stages 1-4


The opportunity for the redesign of the urban bank area of Frankfurt is due to the amendment of the flood protection measures.

Beyond a technically convincing flood control, the aims are to connect the city and the river even closer, to promote the stay on the water, and to strengthen the identity of the city for the residents by achieving an attractive design and implementing diverse uses.

Also, we want the residents to perceive the other shore of the Oder – the connection to Slubice – more consciously.

This re-planning is accompanied by an overall urban view, especially in the area of the city bridge and in the vicinity of the timber market.

Various locations near the shore in the downtown area along the Oder are redesigned and connected by a continuous connected parkour.

A “pulsating” walkway is used as a “red thread” to stretch the length of the shore and connect the squares and areas from south to north.

The levels thus affected will be made tangible in the context and will further be developed. The parkour is characterized by a varied change in usage, shape, color and material.