Office Building

Askanischer Platz 1 _ Berlin – City Centre

& Gross Floor Area: 18.735 sqm

Construction Period: 15 Months

Completion: July 2009

Client: Chamartin Meermann Immobilien AG


The house with its four components and entraces is transformed into a commercial building .

The main tenant, the Vdek, uses six of the nine floors. At the ground floor Zeit-online and medical spaces are located.

The eighth floor has been designed as a space for the management and conference-areas with a custom and individual interior design.

The shape of the construction readopts the contour of the historical urban layout.

Now the open space receives the missing façades und makes the square perceptible again.

The roof top aligns with the heights oft the other buldings around the square.

They decline at the ends in a dynamic way which gives this house its unique shape.

The exposed and elevated ribbon windows focus and accentuate the view on the square from the inside and accentuate the façade on the outside.

The external play of cubage with the inclined surfaces and the rythmic straightness is also reflected in the inner structure and forms the character of the design.

The large-scale use of Profillit glass elements in front of white perforated metal panels creates a clear and transluicide materiality.